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Welcome to
Park Place Designs   llc

This is us...

     Welcome!! My name is Jen and I am the owner and founder of Park Place Designs LLC. Formerly known as, The Creative Crafter by Jen, I founded this business in 2018 as a side hobby to help give me something fun to do in the evenings. This little crafting business has blossomed into so much more and we are truly blessed.

    While I am the creative force of the business, this is a true family run team. My husband, Mike, is our website creator, content manager and super star heat presser. He is a rockstar with our large orders. Our twins often times help us too. They package, clean up and so much more. We take our family business seriously and love our customers so much.

    We welcome you to our page and invite you to join us on our VIP Facebook group too. Please keep us in mind for all of your apparel needs from single orders to large orders we are capable of handling them all. We would love to give you a quote for your next event while helping you pick your next holiday tee.

Hope to hear from you soon!!



PS - I LOVE CUSTOMS/IDEAS so if you have an idea or request please reach out to me at :)

Behind the name...

     The story behind our new name is something that holds deep meaning to our family. The simple answer is... Park Place is HOME. My maternal grandparents purchased the family home on Park Place in 1958, this home is where my childhood memories run deep. Holidays, gatherings and every summer spent with my best friend, my Gram Ellie. Park Place then became our home when we moved in to take care of my Gram when I was in high school. Now, my parents still live there and my kids love Park Place as much as I do. My Uncles and cousins still think of Park Place as home too.

     I had known for awhile that I wanted to change the name from "The Creative Crafter by Jen" but I just couldn't find the perfect name. After several months, I reached out to my cousin Dani and she thought about it and came up with Park Place. After chatting with Mike and the kids, Park Place Designs was a unanimous decision that we absolutely LOVE. 

We hope you love our work/designs and we become a cherished part of your life like Park Place is to us.

PS - Another fun fact, Park Place is also the second most expensive property on Monopoly. (right Daddio lol) 

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